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PlanAhead Advanced Techniques

Learn to increase design performance and achieve repeatable performance by using the PlanAhead™ software tool.  Topics include: synthesis and project tips, design analysis, creating a floorplan, improving performance with area constraints and Pblocks, design debugging with the ChipScope™ Pro tool, and design preservation with partitions.

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Use the most advanced features of the PlanAhead tool
  • Apply the hierarchical viewer and timing report information to make the best area constraints
  • Group the best logic into Pblocks
  • Import HDL sources, elaborate, and analyze an RTL netlist
  • Implement the design with different implementation strategies
  • Analyze design statistics, connectivity, timing, placement, and timing critical paths
  • Insert ChipScope Pro tool debug cores
  • Floorplan the design to improve performance and preserve successful implementation results
  • Make placement constraints for dedicated hardware resources
 This course is part of the Xilinx FPGA Academy III training course. You may attend the course seperately.
Classroom training  -  $1,250.00
Live Online Training  -  $625.00
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