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FPGA Hardware Design Engineer


Black Box Consulting can offer you a complete recruitment package which can include training. When you recruit with us we can offer you:

  • A partnership where we will work with you to understand your business
  • Expertise allowing us to understand the requirements of employees at a technical level
  • FPGA training to ensure new employees start with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to your business from day one
In a technical environment, where knowledge relates to time to market, it’s important to ensure you recruit engineers with sound technical ability and promise, as well as the ability to form a team with strong morale and work ethic for tangible results. How do you do this? At Black Box consulting we:
  • Take a firm brief of the role and thoroughly understand it
  • Assist with Job Descriptions, salary expectations, writing and placement of adverts
  • Provide advice, assist in writing, and conduct technical assessments for further screening
  • Create a candidate sourcing strategy from local and overseas markets if applicable
  • Work closely with Universities to source talented and fresh Engineers
  • Control the entire recruitment process from sourcing, reviewing and filtering applications, to short listing, interviewing and providing reports
  • Carry out reference checking and optional background and Psychometric testing
  • Provide you with professional recruitment advice throughout the entire process at a personnel and engineering level
  • Follow up with new employees during those more difficult first six months, and can act as a neutral entity for employee reviews
Recruitment can be an underestimated and ongoing concern for many companies. The process can take a considerable amount of time and resources through out, let alone if it needs to be repeated.

Our aim is to reduce the resources and time required from your company and at the same time delivery exceptional value and quality candidates from your recruitment campaigns. Our services can also be broken down into modules to integrate into your existing HR practices. Black Box Consulting has a strict policy of not actively recruiting candidates from its current client base. For more details, please see our privacy page.

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