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Accessories » Mini Grabber Test Clips

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Mini Grabber Test Clips (Mini Grabber Test Clips)

These micro-hook test clips allow the Analog Discovery's signal wires to be connected to component leads, wires, and other circuit components. The spring-action clips use two-lead pincers to grab onto conductors up to 1.27mm in diameter. When released, the pincers hold tightly for good electrical contact. Sold in packs of six with colors matched to Discovery's signal wires, the micro test clips allow the Analog Discovery to work with a wide variety of existing circuits.

Note: The Discovery's signal wires must be inserted into the test clips with their metal contacts facing outwards. Please see the photo below.

  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Two signal connection points for Discovery signal wires
  • Six colors coordinated to Discovery signal wire colors
  • Able to grasp conductors up to 1.27mm in diameter


  -  $19.95
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