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Digilent FPGA Demo Boards » Nexys-3 Spartan-6

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Nexys-3 Spartan-6 (Nexys-3 Spartan-6)

The Nexys™3 digital system development platform features Xilinx's newest Spartan-6 FPGA, 48Mbytes of external memory (including two non-volatile phase-change memories from Micron), and enough I/O devices and ports to host a wide variety of digital systems. The Nexys3 is an ideal platform for any engineer to gain experience with Xilinx's latest technologies, and it is perfectly suited to the classroom - new students can build logic circuits without worrying about complex external interfaces, and more advanced students can build complete digital systems, including controllers, CODECs, and embedded processors.

The on-board Adept™ high-speed USB2 port provides board power, FPGA programming, and user-data transfers at rates up to 38Mbytes/sec. A large collection of low-cost peripheral boards, including more than 30 Pmods™ and several new Vmods™, can add additional features to the Nexys3, including A/D and D/A converters, breadboards, motor drivers, displays, etc. The Nexys3 is fully compatible with all Xilinx tools, including the free WebPack™ as well as Chipscope™, EDK™ (embedded processor design kit) and other tools.

  • Xilinx Spartan6 XC6LX16-CS324
  • 16Mbyte Micron Cellular RAM
  • 16Mbyte Micron Parallel PCM
  • 16Mbyte Micron Quad-mode SPI PCM
  • 10/100 SMSC LAN8710 PHY
  • Digilent Adept USB port for power, programming & data transfers
  • Type-A USB host for mouse, keyboard or memory stick
  • 8-bit VGA
  • 100MHz fixed-frequency oscillator
  • 8 slide switches, 4 push buttons, 4-digit 7seg display, 8 LEDs
  • Four double-wide Pmod™ connectors, one VHDC connector
  • Rugged plastic case, USB cable included

Xilinx Spartan®-6 FPGA (XC6LX16-CS324)
USB2 port
High-speed 40-pin VHDC expansion connector
Four 12-pin Pmod™ connectors
VGA, 10/100 Ethernet
Digilent USB2 port providing board power, programming, & data transfers
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Commerical (ex GST)  -  $385.00
Academic (ex GST)  -  $272.50
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