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Another advantage of our online portal is that you can be sharing your screen and receiving step by step assistance within minutes of needing help. Many customer issues come down to Timing Closure, including properly constraining designs and ensuring synchronous design techniques are used to avoid those unexplained and intermittent issues. Other times it can simply be to improve design utilisation, frequency or reduce runtimes. Black Box Consulting offers consultative services of this manner to help you build faster:

a). Design Implementation Support
  • Xilinx support interface
  • Flow support
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Floorplanning/PlanAhead
  • Run Times
b). Timing Closure and consistency
  • Assistance with fully constraining your design and ensuring all paths are covered and not over constrained
  • Design and implementation techniques and flow support to ensure you're using the best synthesis and implementation options to get the best performance.
  • PlanAhead flows to achieve timing, utilisation and run time needs

There are lots of tricks and techniques we can use to help get you over the line. We encourage knowledge transfer so you also learn along the way. Let us bring fresh eyes to the table, we provide consulting services both on and offsite, or a mixture of both. Consulting can be purchased as you go or in bundles of hours at a discounted rate.

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